Nutrition for Brain Cancer Patients – Eating Better, Feeling Better, Living Better

NutritionWith so many things going on while battling a brain tumor, it’s challenging to pay attention to nutrition. To complicate things further, conventional treatments can cause some people to experience taste changes, which makes food choices and nutrition a moving target.

I am commonly asked by survivors and their caregivers if diet can be helpful in managing a brain tumor. While there is no definitive data showing that a specific diet can cure or slow the tumor, poor nutrition can impact your fitness, energy, and sense of well-being. When you focus on nutrition, you can give yourself a boost in body and in mind. Furthermore, taking charge of nutrition can be empowering because it’s an aspect of normal daily living that people can control. Eating foods that are high in protein and low in fat and sugar can raise your energy level and reduce fatigue. Some food combinations may also decrease nausea, vomiting, and constipation commonly experienced during treatment with chemotherapies, such as temozolomide. In my support group in San Francisco, we encourage people to share with the group their day-to-day experiences and how they have tackled dietary and nutrition issues. They teach me new approaches to eating every time we have this discussion.

Many excellent resources about nutrition exist including:

About the Author: Mary Lovely Ph.D. RN, CNRNs