4 Natural Tricks To Help You Control Your Blood Sugar In Minutes!

4 Natural Tricks To Help You Control Your Blood Sugar In Minutes

Instability in blood sugar is the primary cause of many diseases. However easy it might sound, it is difficult to keep an eye on it. Therefore it can be a concern for kids as well. Not many of us live near hospitals and seeking medical help all the time can be tedious. This blog aims to educate caregivers or patients on some natural tricks to control their blood sugar in no time. 

What Is Blood Sugar And Why Control It?

What Is Blood Sugar And Why Control It

Blood sugar in layman’s terms can be defined to be the amount of sugar content in our blood. This is derived from the food we eat and is a major source of our energy. Insulin produced by our pancreas is what regulates the amount of blood sugar. When one’s body is unable to check the amount of insulin produced, it can lead to type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

In case the sugar is low you are at risk of developing hypoglycemia. A healthy human being should have 90-130mg/DL. If this goes beyond the level or in some cases falls below the range, it can lead to multiple life-threatening diseases like heart disease, vision loss, decreased function of kidneys and psychiatric conditions like Depression and dementia.


There are a number of tells that can make you think you have unstable blood sugar levels which are-

Hearing and vision impairment

Weightloss without trying

Urge to use the washrooms frequently

Taking a lot of time to heal a simple wound.

Drinking water in shorter intervals.

Fatigue and headaches


Like most lifelong diseases, this too has a myriad of causes. Some can be controlled others not much.

A few of the most relevant causes include-

Uncontrolled consumption of sugars – Eating is always a factor in deciding how or why our blood sugar levels fluctuate.

With less to no physical activity– IF you are a couch potato, chances are you are on your way to developing diabetes.

Miss a dose – In case you are taking medications for Hypoglycemia, make sure you don’t exceed the prescribed doses.

Damaged pancreas – Since the pancreas plays a huge role in regulating insulin, damage can negatively impact your body.

Genetics – This one also is transmitted from one generation to the other through parents and family.

Pregnancy – Among all the other symptoms, unsurprisingly pregnancy can also cause diabetes also called gestational. However, the baby may or may not be diabetic.

Insulin sensitivity – Some individuals secrete hormones that can often cause your body to reject insulin. In this case, the blood and body cannot control their blood sugar level.

Ways To Control Blood Sugar Naturally

1. Hydrate and Hydrate

Water is the solution to most of our problems and Hyperglecmia is no different. Not only does it wash out the extra insulin but also helps the pancreas keep the blood sugar in control. Water in its simplest form is sans glucose and unlike other food items doesn’t add to your worry. So drink up from anywhere between 1.6 litres to 2.

2. Exercise

If you feel the symptoms hit you hard, work it out! Many studies have established the necessity of exercise and especially walking in the life of a diabetes patient. Do remember to take frequent and long walks so as to burn the excess glucose and get that charming body toned.

3. Eat your tablets and drink your tonics

We know it is easier said than done. But it is better late than to be sorry. Take them daily in case you experience the symptoms due to not taking one, and do it as fast as you can. Give it some time to work and Voila! Problem solved

4. Taking Insulin

This one is to be done after consulting your healthcare provider. However, taking a shot of insulin in case your pancreas malfunction can regulate the blood glucose level in minutes. This may take some time to act so don’t overdose yourself.

When to call the doctor?

In some cases, the tips above wouldn’t work and therefore needs emergency medical attention. The symptoms can be severe vomiting and abdominal pain or in case you have DKA or HHS.

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