Board of Directors

Faheem 31 x 42Faheem Hasnain
President and Chief Executive Officer at Receptos, Inc.

Berger sm 31 x 42Franklin Berger
Founder and Managing Director of FMB Research

Lori 31 x 42 FinalLori Kunkel, M.D.
Strategic Advisor for Immuno-Oncology Biotechnology Companies

Parkinson 31 x 42David R. Parkinson, M.D.
Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

Dr. Schimmel 31 x 42Paul Schimmel, Ph.D.
Hahn Professor of Molecular Biology and Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute

Harry 31 x 42Harry E. Gruber, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer

TomDarcy 31 x 42Thomas E. Darcy
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

DennisBerman 31 x 42Dennis N. Berman
Executive Vice President, Corporate Development site