Clear Liquid Diet – What Can You Consume?

Clear Liquid Diet

Over the years, there has been a renewed emphasis on fitness and health. Diet is a big part of healthy living. Diet is not only about losing weight. But it is also about keeping oneself fit, energetic and productive by eating right in quality and quantity. There have been many diets that have evolved based on their nutritional benefits and quick results. While some quickly pass off as a fad, others are more permanent.

Some diets are purely prescribed for some short-term requirements under medical advisement. This is neither for fitness nor for weight loss. One such diet is the clear liquid diet.

What Is A Clear Liquid Diet?

As the name suggests, the clear liquid diet includes all such transparent and translucent liquids, such as water, soups, broth, etc. The diet does not include solid foods. This diet includes foods or fluids high in carbohydrates and low in fat and proteins. It is a specialised food plan that involves very little digestion.

What Is A Clear Liquid Diet

This helps to conserve energy and keeps the body well hydrated. It reduces the work the digestive system does and gives it a rest. The liquids in this diet may have colour, but they are transparent in that one can see through them despite being coloured.

A clear liquid diet significantly differs from a full-liquid diet regarding the liquids consumed. The latter includes all foods in liquid forms, such as all soups, smoothies, milk, shakes, vegetable juice, and fruit juice. On the other hand, the clear liquid diet is confined to exclusively transparent or translucent liquids. The full liquid diet also includes semi-solids. 

What Can You Drink In A Clear Liquid Diet?

Some of the fluids permitted in a clear liquid diet are:

  • Water
  • Jelly
  • Popsicles
  • Clear soups with no solids
  • Broth
  • Clear fruit juices without pulp (Lemonade)
  • Energy drinks
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Gelatin
  • Tea or Coffee without milk and sugar

When To Go On A Clear Liquid Diet?

The clear liquid diet, unlike other diets, is not consistent. This is mainly because the diet alone does not provide the necessary calories and nutrients. The clear liquid diet is usually used as a detox diet to clear our system. It is generally prescribed before a medical procedure or necessitated by medical situations.

Hence, it is always good to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before starting the diet. Doctors prescribe a clear liquid diet before colonoscopy, administering general anaesthesia or any other kind of procedure that affects the digestive tract and bowels. 


  • You should only do the diet after receiving proper instructions from a medical professional. 
  • Monitoring fluid intake in this diet is crucial, as low intake may lead to dehydration. 
  • Persons with diabetes need to follow the diet under their doctor’s advice and keep track of their fluid intake. 
  • Some persons may experience nausea, vomiting, hunger or abdominal discomfort as the side effects of the diet.
  • Remember that the diet is medically advised, not for fitness or weight loss. 


1. Who can take the clear liquid diet?

The clear liquid diet must only be taken under the advice of a medical professional. Children, pregnant women, gestating and lactating mothers, diabetic patients, etc., must exercise caution before dieting. 

2. Is the clear liquid diet safe?

The clear liquid diet is low in nutrients; hence it is not advised for fitness and to pursue it longer than what has been advised.

3. When can the diet be pursued?

The clear liquid diet can be pursued upon advice from a doctor. It is usually done before a medical procedure.

4. What is the benefit of a clear liquid diet?

The clear liquid diet helps clean the bowels and digestive tract. It reduces strain on the digestive tract and helps to prepare the body for certain medical procedures.

5. Can we drink juices as part of the clear liquid diet?

Juices without fruit pulp and lemonade can be included in the menu for a clear liquid diet.

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