How Can I Eat Less And Hide It? Some Simple Hacks!

Eat Less And Hide

Lifestyle changes are necessary in this modern era and changes in food plans can be a major factor. It is important to know what you are eating and how you are eating. You don’t have to necessarily reveal whether you are on a diet to other people. There is a common misconception that people go on diets to decrease body their weight and that is solely about body image. This might not be true in the case of everyone. Some are just conscious about what they take and want to cultivate healthy eating habits. 

When you start to eat less, obviously you will lose weight. There can be visible changes such as your body might turn toned and your skin starts to glow. This cannot be hidden from other people. It is obvious that everyone will want to know what you are doing. But if you don’t want to share what exactly you have done, then this article is for you.

Tips To Follow If You Want To Hide That You Eat Less

You might want them to not know because you don’t want them to judge. Or you don’t want to feel observed, you might want their opinions and comments. People can be nosy and want to know every bit of detail about your life, even if it is not going to benefit them anyway.

It is best to keep some things only to yourself. If you are not sure that you will be able to succeed in eating less, then definitely don’t tell others. 

Read ahead to know how to eat less and hide it from others.

Tips to eat less and hide it

Be prepared with an answer 

You should know that other people are going to like the changes and you are going to get questions. You can prepare yourself with an answer and give the same one to everyone. This helps not have to think when you are faced with a weight loss question. If someone tells you have lost weight just say you are just watching what you are eating. If someone asks if you are on a diet just tell them you just avoid particular food groups. 

Go shopping alone 

If you go to buy groceries with others, there is a high chance that people might come across the healthy food ingredients in your cart. They will also notice that you have cut down on junk foods, chips, and such sorts of things. Therefore you can try going alone for your monthly shopping. That way, you don’t have to worry about what others might notice. 

Think and plan in advance 

If you are with your colleagues at the office cafeteria and ordering food while on a diet, plan ahead what you are going to eat. Go through the menu in advance and figure out what food groups suit your diet and not, So when you are at the place to order you can just ask for it casually. Otherwise, you will have to search the menu and make plans that will let everyone know what’s going on in your life. 

Divert the conversation about diets

Never give in to a conversational topic about diet plans. Then most probably people are going to ask you what yours is. Since they can see changes in you, you might not be able to deny their claims for long. To begin with, don’t initiate conversations about someone else’s weight loss or a trending celebrity diet plan. If someone else starts the conversation simply shift the focus of the conversation to something else. 

Carry healthy snacks with you

If you are out somewhere with your friends and they prefer stopping to grab a bite, you can’t always say no. Therefore carry healthy snacks and something fulfilling with you. It can be a couple of apples or bananas, maybe some roasted nuts or dry fruits. Just say that you had them in your bag and that you are not that hungry. This will help you not stay hungry when everyone else is eating nuts. Also, you can eat healthy. 

You should think in prior about whom you want to share the details of your food plans. Sometimes you will prefer only your inner circle. When you share with them also mention that you are not letting everyone know about this. While trying to eat less one will want support and encouragement from others.

Therefore you can let a few people into your little secret. It can be your mom, dad, that one close cousin, or your best friend. It is always good to work hard without others knowing. When others know that you are trying to do something, you might feel observed. In case your diet plan does not work out, then they are going to constantly remind you about it. 

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