Gut And Acne: A Bond We Never Knew About

Gut And Acne A Bond We Never Knew About

Imagine how you will feel when you wake one day with a great spirit to rock the world, but everything shatters immediately when you see a few bumps on your face! And by bumps, we don’t mean any little bumps but acne! 

We all love our skin, and to keep it fresh, healthy, glowy, and whatnot, we must have tried every cleanser, toner, cream, serum, and so on.

Thinking that skin care products are the ultimate way to keep our skin healthy and protect it from acne. But sorry to bring the reality in, they are not!

Skincare products are undoubtedly excellent and necessary, but the first thing to avoid acne is keeping your body and gut healthy! 

What? Gut? Gut and acne? Yeah, you read it right!

We know it’s hard to believe, but gut and acne are linked, and we are here to talk all about it.

How To Know What Condition Your Gut Is In?

With years of research on the gut and the microbes and bacteria it constitutes, Scientists have found a link between your gut health and acne.

And their theory says it is essential that we understand what we eat and what our body needs from inside and check our food plates rather than searching in bathroom cabinets, various cosmetics stores, and brands for a remedy for acne! 

A leaky or unhealthy gut can directly transmit gut bacteria on the skin, breaking the gut barrier and causing various disturbances in the skin’s balance. This may result in acne and various other skin conditions! 

Condition Of  Your Gut Is In

Is your gut healthy? Well, you can experience a few symptoms in your body when your gut is upset. For instance : 

  • Acne of any kind
  • Constipation, diarrhea
  • Bloating and gas
  • Other severe skin problems
  • Low energy level 
  • Mood swings and anxiety 
  • Allergies and inflammation 
  • Consistent headaches and so on

If you have a healthy gut, your body will greet you with a robust immune system, healthy and glowing skin, an excellent digestive system, and a fresh, balanced mood. 

If you are a beginner into this whole thing, what your body needs, skin care, and so on, do not worry because we have got you covered! 

Gut issues can cause severe problems not only for your skin but for your overall body! Severe gut issues take time to heal, but consistency is key. And thus, let’s check out How one can improve gut health for acne. 

How Can One Improve Gut Health For Acne?

So here are some tips and tricks following which you can give your body a healthy gut and stay away from acne forever!

1. Fibrous Food 

The first and foremost tip everybody should follow is a fiber-rich diet. Fibre keeps your digestive system healthy and feeds probiotics, beneficial bacteria in your gut.

2. Natural Food & Avoid Food Sensitivities

Cut off any processed food from your diet. Shift your diet towards green vegetables, loaded fruits, no sugar, and so on to keep your gut healthy.

Also, try cutting off food sensitivities. By food sensitivities, we mean food that is more likely to cause an allergic reaction in your body!

Avoid peanuts, milk, and egg gluten for a few days, and observe how your body is doing. If your body is doing great, you must understand that you need to cut such food immediately and forever. 

3. Healthy Stress Management

Stress can upset your gut; thus, reducing stress will improve your gut health in the long run. 

4. Say No to Toxins

For health, not only is it essential to eat healthy but also to cut toxic food immediately.

You cannot drink alcohol or smoke, thinking that your healthy diet will cover the effect of your habits. Anyway, you are hurting your gut. 

5. Oral Hygiene

The entrance to your digestive system is your mouth. Thus, according to the research, dental decay is efficient enough to cause leakage of an overgrowth of harmful bacteria into your gut through your saliva! 

So What Did We Learn

So undoubtedly, gut health and acne are related, and to keep your skin healthy, you have to take care of your body from the inside.

Understanding what is good and bad for your body is as essential as understanding your gut axis is vital for acne-free skin for life! 

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