How To Cure Herpes Naturally Forever?

How To Cure Herpes Naturally Forever

Herpes is a viral infection found around the mouth and genital areas in human beings. Since this is a viral infection, it is important to accept the permanent presence of the virus inside your body. The treatments and remedies to cure the infection would only help you suppress the visibility of the infection over your body. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is the medical name of this particular infection that bothers a lot of human beings. Generally, the herpes found around the borders of your lips and on the tongue are known by the term, “Cold Sores”. Meanwhile, the herpes infection found in the region of your genitals is known as “genital Herpes”.

The main cause of Herpes infection around your genitals is nothing but unprotected sexual intercourse. Hence make sure you take due precautions to prevent Herpes and all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. Genital Herpes can be much more irritating and painful than Cold Sores. It is also important to note that some people with genital Herpes may not have that visible sores.

Cure Herpes Naturally Forever

But they would be capable of transmitting the virus through skin-to-skin contact. Hence it is your responsibility to take care of your health by using necessary protection during sexual intercourse. Cold Sores can also be caused by oral sex and even kissing. Hence be cautious in any sort of sexual relationship you have such as vaginal, anal, oral, and also affectionate gestures such as kissing. 

The main thing to be accepted in the cure of this infection is to realize that there is no permanent cure for the same. Even if you try natural remedies or medically prescribed ones, you won’t be able to overcome this infection all along your life. But it is also consoling that this infection has not got any life threats so there is nothing to worry about.

But, if you are a pregnant woman, it is important to stay away from the circumstances that may infect you with the virus. When a pregnant woman gets caught with this infection, it can lead to a lot of casualties such as premature labour and harmful womb infections for the baby

Home remedies are a great way to reduce the pain caused by the sores of herpes. It can also help you with the large blisters popping out occasionally. In short, these remedies are helpful in reducing the pain and visibility of the infection but never wipe out the virus completely from your body.

Apart from these home remedies, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and introduce some simple yet powerful dietary changes to your meals. These slight but significant changes can help you stay far away from increasing the intensity of the infection and pain.

However, it is not advised to solely depend on home remedies without consulting an expert medical practitioner who can analyse your condition separately and then suggest a treatment plan accordingly.

Hence consider these remedies as an additional dose of protection and care you can provide to yourself along with the necessary medications. Moreover, while making these changes in your diet, lifestyle, and medications, always seek the guidance of an expert medical practitioner to avoid all the probable consequences and health risks. 

An ice pack is one of the proven remedies to help you decrease the pain and irritation bothering you in the infected region. You should place and dab a new ice pack every 4 hours for better comfort. Also, make sure you are not pressing or dabbing the ice cubes directly on the affected area.

This can cause more itchiness, irritation, and pain since the area would be quite sensitive because of the infection. Applying cornstarch has also been proven as an effective remedy to heal itchiness and pain.

Always try to use a clean cotton ball or Q-tip for the application and never use your fingers for the same. A paste of garlic and olive oil can also help in reducing the inflammation in the affected area.

But since garlic is a strong agent, make sure you are resistant to it before applying. The anti-inflammatory qualities of Apple Cider Vinegar can also be a blessing to those suffering from Herpes. Choose your home remedy and medication wisely under medical supervision. 

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