How To Safely Clean Your Ears? Tips To Maintain While Cleaning Your Ears

How To Safely Clean Your Ears

Ear cleaning can be one of the trickiest jobs for you considering the category of maintaining body hygiene. The folds and structure of this particular organ make the job even harder. Apart from that removing ear wax can also be quite difficult since you need to make sure not to hurt yourself while doing the same.

Moreover, there are high chances for you to cause undesired damages while doing so if you are not that careful. But leaving the ear as it is without cleaning can also bring a lot of unwanted wax build-up in the area.

It may also cause you high levels of discomfort if you are not taking care of your ears properly and cleaning it during regular intervals using the correct tools and methods. So here is a comprehensive guide for you to follow for your ritualistic ear cleaning and hygiene. 

When it comes to taking care of your ears the major concern would be regarding the proper and timely removal of ear wax.

The Importance of Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal is mandatory not just because it is an expressive sign of your poor body hygiene or it may make you ashamed in front of others but also because of the discomfort and poor listening abilities, it may cause.

Naturally, human ears have got the mechanism to push out the ear wax during regular intervals and this would not become a serious problem.

The Importance of Ear Wax Removal

But because of the individual structure of the ears or because of the excessive production of ear wax, the natural ear wax-removing mechanism of the ears may not become efficient.

This is when you are advised to seek medical help for the supervised removal of the same.

Make sure you are paying a visit to your ENT specialist during intervals and getting it removed without much hassle.

You would also get a liquid called ear wax softener which helps in softening the texture of hard ear waxes making the removal much easier.

Doctors are also seen suggesting proper irrigation of your ears using a syringe. Even though earbuds can also be used for the cleaning of your ears, they should not be inserted into the canal area of your ears since there are high chances for you to break your ear membranes using that.

Cleaning the lobes, that is the externally visible region of your ear is entirely your responsibility and you can do that every day using a clean wet cotton cloth during your showers. 

If your ENT specialist allows you to clean ear wax at home, there are several proven methods and techniques you can adopt for the same. The safest and most widely practiced method is using normal warm water which is squirted into your ear to remove the wax. Some are also seen using mineral oil to do the same procedure.

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with the required proportion of water drops are also a proven technique in the same regard. All of these are done after using the ear wax softener prescribed by your doctor.

However, these methods except the warm water one are not advised to do on a regular basis. These are methods done when there is discomfort for your ears on account of the excessive production of ear wax or the inability of ears to naturally move the wax out. 

The healthy intervals to get your ears cleaned are another important thing to be taken care of in the same regard. It is completely okay to wipe the outside of your ears every day but washing them more frequently with an intention to keep them squeaky clean would never be a good idea.

It can actually cause surroundings for bacterial growth inside your ears and attract infections and illness with greater intensity. This is because of the destruction caused to the delicate lining inside the ear canal existing to protect the ears from all the foreign particles and infections.

Hence once a month or twice a month is considered as the healthy time interval to get your ears washed and cleaned.

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While taking care of all these medically approved instructions it is also important to restrict yourself from that very common yet dangerous urge to put your fingers and other objects like Q-Tips inside your ears for a temporary good but destructive feeling of comfort and satisfaction. 

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