How To Treat Elevated Liver Enzymes – Are High Liver Enzymes Curable?

How To Treat Elevated Liver Enzymes

Firstly, before digging into how to treat elevated liver enzymes, we need to know what actually causes them. It can be due to unhealthy liver, medications, infections, diseases, etc.

But the most common cause is fatty liver disease and over-alcohol consumption.

As for how to treat the elevated liver enzymes, it is necessary to know its root cause and control your cholesterol, maintain a healthy diet, stop the use of alcohol, control weight, etc. 

The symptoms of elevated liver enzymes include severe abdominal pain, feeling tired, frequent and dark-colored urination, vomiting, jaundice, irritated itching, loss of appetite, etc. And if it goes untreated, it might cause permanent liver damage and severe pain.

Elevated liver enzymes are the symptoms of inflammation and damage to the liver cells. High inflammation and damaged cells can leak chemicals into the bloodstream. Elevated liver enzymes at time heal on their own and if not, needs to be cured. 

Treatment For Liver Enzyme Elevation

Here are some natural remedies that help lower elevated liver enzymes: Caffeine is one of the remedies.

Drinking coffee helps reduce the risk of liver cancer and produces a chemical called paraxanthine in the body that helps fight against liver-related problems.

A healthy diet and exercise play a major role in treating liver disease.

Losing excess weight leads to burning unnecessary fat stored in the body which improves digestion and promotes healthy liver function.

Treatment For Liver Enzyme Elevation

The lower the calorie intake is, the lower the risk of liver cancer or other chronic liver diseases. This makes it necessary to keep track of what you eat by adding more vegetables, fruits, fiber, and vitamins to your daily diet. Exercising regularly also helps burn calories and maintain a healthy body. A healthy body prevents a lot of health conditions. 

High cholesterol levels increase the risk of getting fatty liver disease. The liver regulates the cholesterol in the body but when the cholesterol levels are high, it starts to damage the liver and leads to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

So, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is mandatory to prevent elevated liver enzymes. It can be done by eating less oily and fat-content foods. Also, be mindful of the medications you intake since too much use of certain medicines will start to damage the liver. 

Another major reason that causes elevated liver enzymes is the excessive use of alcohol and smoking. The more alcohol consumption is, the more severe liver damage will be.

Smoking also gives a  toxic load to the liver.

So, it is better to quit these habits to protect the liver from further damage. People suffering from elevated liver enzymes should take extra care and follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid danger. 

Along with taking precautions, you can also try increasing the fiber, nutrients, and protein intake and reducing saturated fat intake.

Consuming more folate helps reduce elevated liver enzymes.

Folate-rich food includes bananas, nuts, leafy green vegetables, eggs, dairy, seafood, etc.

A balanced diet helps decrease liver enzymes faster as it helps cut down fat and control calorie intake. 

Sometimes, treatment plans won’t be necessary as the liver enzymes will cure on their own within 2 or 4 weeks. 

Most studies show that reducing the factors that add more damage to the liver and increasing food with fiber content shall help decrease liver enzymes.

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Most of the time, these are easily treatable and go away just like that. But when the condition is worse, it needs to be treated. 


If you notice symptoms like pain, swelling, dark-colored pee, pale-colored stool, or forgetfulness, these are all caused by elevated liver enzymes and need immediate attention.

If you are diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes, you should stop adding further damage to the liver. If you have a habit of consuming alcohol or smoking, quit it.

Also, avoid food that has too much fat content. And lastly, following a healthy diet and proper exercise does a great help in curing elevated liver enzymes. 

How to check your liver is healthy? Go for a liver test, which will tell you the levels of several things in your blood, protein, enzymes, etc.

A liver test helps you detect any inflammation or damage in the liver. Also, you don’t have to be diagnosed with liver-related problems to care for your liver health.

You can prevent liver diseases by taking precautions and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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