Carlos E. Ibañez, PhD

Vice President, Product Development and Manufacturing

Carlos E. Ibañez, Ph.D., holds more than 17 years of experience developing both gene therapy and cell therapy products, transitioning through research, pre-clinical and clinical development. He has held various leadership positions in the areas of research & development, process development and manufacturing in companies such as Viagene, Inc., Chiron Corporation’s Center for Gene Therapy, Collateral Therapeutics, BioMedica, Inc. and NovaRx Inc. Most recently at NovaRx he set up and implemented manufacturing for Phase 3 clinical trials. He is an inventor on numerous patents and patent applications and has expertise in the areas of scalable mammalian cell culture systems, virus vector production, downstream processing and purification, formulation, biological assay development as well as a strong regulatory knowledge in the area of biologics development and GMP manufacturing. Dr. Ibanez received a doctorate from the University of California, San Diego, in the area of molecular pathology with an emphasis on retroviruses and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Research Institute at Scripps Clinic. His knowledge combination of molecular biology, retrovirology and development of clinical manufacturing processes has allowed Dr. Ibañez to excel in the area of developing biological products and processes for translational research and commercialization.