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Brain Cancer Treatments


Tocagen is committed to fighting brain cancer. High grade gliomas (HGGs) are among the most common and aggressive primary brain cancers. The total number of newly diagnosed HGGs expected in 2016 is about 160,000 worldwide and about 14,000 in the United States, and the two most common forms of HGGs are glioblastoma (GBM) and anaplastic astrocytoma (AA).

Standard treatment for newly diagnosed HGG includes safe surgical removal of as much of the tumor as possible followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, despite these treatments, the tumor often recurs. Patients may find it empowering to plan ahead with their care team to determine which options may be suitable for them in the event of a recurrence, including consideration of a clinical trial.

Tocagen is conducting a clinical trial, called Toca 5, for patients with recurrent GBM or AA who are planning to have their tumor removed surgically.

Patient enrollment for this clinical trial is open. Learn more on our clinical trials page  or contact us through our patient inquiry form to obtain more information and see if you may qualify or call our patient support and liaison Mary Lovely, PhD, RN at (858) 412-8473.

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