Brain Cancer Statistics

A brain cancer diagnosis can be devastating to patients and their families. The statistics below are a powerful reminder of why Tocagen is seeking to provide meaningful increases in survival.

  • Gliomas include all tumors arising from the supportive tissue of the brain, and account for about 80 percent of all malignant brain tumors.
  • About 17,000 new cases of high grade gliomas, or HGG, are expected to be diagnosed in the United States in 2019. HGG tumors include glioblastoma, or GBM, and anaplastic astrocytoma, or AA.
  • GBM accounts for about half of all primary brain and central nervous system (CNS) cancers.
  • The one-, five- and ten-year survival rates for patients with GBM is 37.2 percent, 5.1 percent, and 2.6 percent from diagnosis respectively, making it one of the most lethal among all cancers.

Source: Ostrom et al. CBTRUS Statistical Report: Primary Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors Diagnosed in the United States in 2008-2012. Neuro-Oncology 17:iv1 –iv62, 2015.

Tocagen is developing a product candidate to treat HGG, which is under evaluation in a Phase 3 clinical trial, Toca 5. The Toca 5 trial is fully enrolled and not recruiting patients.

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