Promising Immunotherapy Techniques in Cancer Treatment

Promising Immunotherapy Techniques in Cancer Treatment

Cancer has become very widespread over the period. It is an abnormal growth of cells inside the human body which weakens immunity and exposes patients to multiple infections.

Even the treatment for these diseases consumes substantial energy from the body. That is why, medical researchers have developed an advanced immunotherapy technique to cure cancer. 

It is a form of cancer treatment that strengthens and boosts the immunity of the body to control abnormalities. Immunotherapy has proved to be a breakthrough in cancer treatment. 

Immunotherapy is being used for different types of cancers. It opts for promising techniques to execute this therapy. These techniques are limited in number however all of them are safe and approved by the FDA.

Let us explore these immunotherapy techniques one by one and get an idea about their utility.

Adoptive Cell Therapy

Our immune system is bestowed with a natural capability to recognize healthy cells and cancerous ones. It also produces T cells which are often known as Killer T cells.

Adoptive Cell Therapy

These are the most powerful immune cells in the body that help not only to control but also to eliminate cancer cells.

With the help of Adoptive Cell Therapy, these T cells are activated in advance to eradicate the cancer cells. This technique helps to activate and expand the killer cells to reject the tumors easily. 

Cancer Vaccines 

Cancer vaccines are helpful to introduce a weak version of cancerous cells to the human body. This process enables the immune system to understand what cancer cells look like.

Once the immunity cells recognize these cancer cells, they immediately control the abnormalities of the cells as and when they arise.

These vaccines however work differently in different people. This happens due to the unique nature of every tumor in the human body.


These immunomodulators help to block the immune system to ensure that foreign cancerous cells do not enter it.

Some of these modulators are also helpful to regulate the maturity of the immune cells and their response to various diseases.

They can also directly attack and kill the cancerous cells in the body by strengthening the Killer T cells.

It promotes adaptive responses of immunity to infections. This helps to control various reactions in the body.

Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Viruses usually enter the healthy cells and capture their machinery to create exact copies of themselves.

Hence, healthy and powerful viruses are now injected into the body to invade the cancerous cells and decrease their ability to multiply. It increases the growth of healthy cells over some time.

It helps in the gradual elimination of cancer cells from the body. As and when the number of these cancerous cells decreases, the ability of the immune system to attack these cells also increases.

It is a systemic therapy that helps to control infected cells in the body.

Targeted antibodies 

Antibodies are the special proteins that are present inside the immunity cells. These proteins act as a shield and protect the body from different types of bacterial and viral infections.

There are millions of antibodies present in the body. Scientists are now working on designing antibodies that increase the ability of the immune cells to target cancer-infected cells.

However, these antibodies can be customized to target either the healthy cells or the cancerous cells. 

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Antibody Drug Conjugates

This is a combination of two techniques. It combines the benefits of adoptive cell therapy with the help of targeted antibodies to bind the cancer cells together.

These antibodies release an antigen that destroys all the cancerous cells together. This technique has been useful to cure tumors of the liver and stomach.

It has successfully removed every kind of abnormality from the body. The antibodies also work to enhance the ability of the immune cells over some time. 


These techniques are very safe and effective in making a patient cancer-free. These methods have proved to be the biggest boon for anyone diagnosed with cancer.

They are reportedly safer than chemotherapies and do not have many major side effects.

Their adoption has been increasing rapidly in medical science. It has been able to increase the efficiency of the treatment by almost 25%.

It will be interesting to witness what all the medical science has in store for the patients in the times to come.

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